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     Diyala Agricultural Sciences Journal is a Mid-Year refereed Scientific Journal issued by College of Agriculture at Diyala University and specialized in Agricultural Sciences.  It is issued in the last week of both June and December in English and Arabic Languages. The Journal accepts subscription fees from individuals, Scientific and Research Institutions inside Iraq with costs of 10.000 Iraq Dinars per copy and subscription fees from outside Iraq cost 20 U.S. Dollars.


Terms of Publication and its Conditions

      Language is way of communicating and transmitting thoughts. In order that your thoughts reach perfectly and clearly to others, you need to use correct expressive language. So, kindly we request from the researchers that are willing to publish in our Journal not to waste our Editorials Board and Scientific reviewers time by making them guess what you want to say by understanding what you have written.


Dear researcher:

   The following are terms and conditions of publishing in Diyala Agricultural Sciences Journal abide to them to facilitate the job of Editorial Board and to speed up your research to publication process.


First: Terms of Publication

  1. The research must be specialized within Agricultural specializations or other specializations related to it. Never been published before in any Scientific Journal, Scientific Conference, or has an acceptance of publication. The researcher must affirm that it should not be presented for publishing, he should submit an obligation bond that could be downloaded from the Journals website ( or (


      2.The researcher (s) writes beneath the research title his name (s), and address (es), with their e-mails.


      3. The research should be original or at least valuable.


       4. The language of publication is in English.


       5.  The researcher must fill in an application form for publishing. This form could be downloaded from Journal website                  ( This form should have an authorized stamp from the institution he works at. The                   researcher submits an obligation bond that there is nothing drawn in his research from his previous or from other                       researches, it could be downloaded from the Journals website.


  1. The drawn researches from M.Sc. thesis's or Ph.D. dissertations should have the authorization and agreement of the Supervisor on publishing.


  1. The numbers of pages of research must not exceed (15) pages including references. The researcher bears the cost of extra pages about 10.000 Iraqi Dinars per page.


  1. An amount of 10.000 Iraqi Dinars is added for each colored page.


  1. The research is exposed to the Editorial Board to see if it implies the terms and conditions of publishing, academic extent, and level of language in writing. The Board has the right to return the research for re-writing, adjusting, and correction before sending to experts.


  1. The research is subjected for judging by experts, and the researcher is obliged to make any necessary adjusting according to the expert's opinion. If the researcher is not convinced about these adjustments or part of them, he has the right to reject by answering on independent paper directed to the Editorial Board, taking into consideration if two experts agree on these necessary adjustments and if the researcher refuses to abide by them the research will be rejected and the researcher will be notified, also the copies of research will not be given back to him.


  1. If two experts reject the research for not being academically acceptable the researcher will be notified and research copies will not be returned neither he will be provided with evaluation forms. Also, Chief of Editorial Board has the right to reject the research in case if it is rejected by one of the expert's this is to ensure the academic sobriety for our Journal.


  1. The cost of research publication is 100.000 Iraqi Dinars paid to the Journal after checking the research by the Editorial Board to see if it is academically acceptable and the research abided by the terms and conditions. These fees are non-refundable in case if the research is rejected. The fees of publishing from other countries are 100 U.S. Dollars which is also non-refundable in case if the research is rejected.


  1. The researcher submits one copy after applying the academic and lingual adjustments and corrections within a month period in order to be checked by the Editorial Board and reviewed evaluated by the Journals linguist. In case of any delay in adjusting by the researcher the research will be treated as new one.


  1. If scientific and linguist review is finished and the research is accepted for publication the researcher (s) will be given an endorsement letter to confirm this.


  1. The researcher (s) each will be provided with drawn copies after publishing, not more than (3) copies.


  1. The researcher has the right to publish two researches in one the same Journal volume.



Conditions of Publishing

  1. The sequence of writing the research is as follows:

Title – Abstract in contradicted language– Introduction – Materials and Methods – Results and Discussions – Conclusions – Acknowledgment (in case it is needed) – References.


  1. The titles are written with (Bold) and positioned in the middle of the page, all letters should be written capital letters.


  1. The Title should be brief at least one line or a line and a half. Scientific names, symbols, and abbreviations are not allowed to be used in the title. The title should be clear, expressive, limited, and understood.


  1. The abstract is written in one paragraph not more than 250 words and should express the contents of research clearly including the main idea, methods, main results that are drawn by the researcher in the research. The abstract encourages to read the enter research or not to. Under the abstract, keywords should be included not more than one line and abbreviations are not used in keywords unless they are familiar or known like DNA or Ph.


  1. In the first page the title is written and beneath it, the researcher (s) address, academic post (s), and e-mail for the researcher only that is responsible of publishing.


  1. Arabic numerals are used inside the research.


  1. The program Microsoft Equation 3.0 is used in writing mathematic equations.


  1. Abbreviations inside research re not allowed to be used unless preceded by the enter word.


  1. Relying on the metric of measurement unit. Local measurements are not allowed to be used.


  1.  The Scientific names should be written in Latin Letters in an italic way.


  1. Materials and known procedures should not be mentioned in details, the just refer to the source.


  1. Keep away from composition style, and the results show not be written in more than one way (for example illustration, figures, and tables).


  1. The references in the research that are issued within the last ten years should not be less than half of the references used.


  1. The references used should not be less than (15) reference nor more than (30) reference.


  1. The references used in the research and published in Diyala Agricultural Sciences Journal should be fourth of the references used in the research.


  1. All the references used should be published or accepted for publication.


  1. The documentation of references should be as follows:
  • Inside the text, the source should be mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph by mentioning the author's last name (surname) and then year of publication between brackets, for example:

Al-Abdullah (2016) mentioned that …………………….


If the documentation is at the end of the paragraph the last name of the author and year of publication are written between brackets, for example:

……………………………………… (Al-Abdullah, 2016).


In case we have more than one source a semi-colon is inserted between them by arranging according to year of publication, for example:

(Al-Abdullah, 2016; Al-Bashir, 2017)


In case we have more than one source one to one of the authors they are chronologically arranged (oldest than newest) and in case we have more than one source for the author himself and within same year the letters a, b, c is added besides the year.


  • In the reference list, the sources are arranged alphabetically according to authors surname, as follows:


  • A research published in Scientific Journal:

Waseem, K., Q. M. Kamran and M.S. Jilani. 2008. Effect of different nitrogen levels on growth and yield of cucumber (Cucumis sativas L.) J. Agric Res. 46(3): 259-266.

As for references written in Arabic they are changed into English and the end written (in Arabic)


  • Book:

Al-Rawi, A. H., A. H. Al-Zubaidi and N. S. Kadduo. 1996. Soil Chemistry. Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Baghdad University Press, Baghdad, Iraq. (in Arabic)


As for books in English each letter is in capital in the title (capital).


  • Chapter from a book:

Gast, R.G. 1977. Surface and Colloid Chemistry. In: Dixon, J. B. et al(ed.). Minerals in Soil Environments. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. Madison, Wisconsin, USA.


  • Research from Conference or Symposium:

Aziz, F. G., H. M. Salih and B. I. Mohammad. 1986. Efficiency of urea added with different materials to soil in terms of Inorganic-N, N- recovery and wheat yield. Proc. 4th Sci. Conference, SRC Baghdad, Iraq.


  • M.Sc. Thesis or Ph. D. Dissertation:

Al-Akabi, S. J. K. 1988. Nitrogen and Sulfur mineralization in soils. M.Sc. Thesis, Basrah University.


  1. The research should be arranged in one column by using Microsoft Word program and using Times New Romans font with size of text (14) and with (1) space. A space is left from all sides of paper about (2.5 cm) and the research is printed on A4 paper and is presented to Journal in four copies without the researcher (s) names and attached with it a CD.


  1. The pages of research should not be more than (15) pages.


  1. The size of research should not more than (4 Mb).


  1.  The tables are printed in normal bold lines with font size (12) and the title of table is written above, and the title of figures and pictures are beneath the figures and pictures. All titles should not end with a full-stop. The title must express the contents of the table or figure and positioned directly after mentioning it or next page if the left space is not enough. The table is situated  at the higher part of paper  (portrait).


  1. The pictures are put on CD in a form of JPEG.


  1. The researcher could benefit from the model text (template). All researches are to be sent to the Journals e-mail address after agreeing on method of  


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