Editorial Board



General supervisor


  prof. Dr. Nader F. AL.Mubark


Editorial Board




No Name Degree Scientific title  Editorial Board
1 N. F. Almubarak Dr. Prof.  Cheif Editor
2 Raad A. H. Al-Tamimi Dr. Prof. Editor Director
3 Deia A. M. Al-Tamimi Dr. Prof.  Member
4 Abbas A. Farhan Dr. Prof.  Member
5 Wesam M. Dawood Dr. Prof.  Member
6 Sabeeh A. A. Al-Hamdany Dr. Prof.  Member
7 Ghalib N. Hussein Dr. Prof.  Member
8 Raaed S. Attee Dr. Prof.  Member



International Members in Editorial Board:

1. Prof. Dr. Talaat M. El-Sheikh              Member       Univ. of Sohag – Faculty of Agriculture,


2. Prof. Dr. Jothi Malar Panandam        Member     Univ. of Putra - Faculty of Agriculture,


3. Prof. Dr. Mustafa A. K. Omran         Member     Univ. of Assuit, Faculty of Agriculture,


4. Prof. Dr. Abd-Elmonem M. A. Zayd Member     Univ. of Suiss, Faculty of Agriculture, Egypt.

5. Assist. Prof. Dr. Silivio Beso               Member     Univ. of Boucharest, Romania.

6. Dr. Fadhel H. Rida                              Member     Inernational Center of Agric. Res. In Dry Areas, Lebanon

7. Dr. T. K. Sravastava                            Member     Indian Institute for Sugarcane Research





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